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Yiwu Customs officials from South Korea sent the first worldwide

27 Jun 16 - 22:08

Along with Yiwu Customs officials from South Korea sent the first worldwide mail votes finished unpacking inspection methods, Yiwu International Trade City email exchange offices formally started entry Email regulatory business, almost all inbound and telephone messages for nearby through customs. Yiwu became after Hangzhou, Wenzhou, the province's third realization incoming and outbound email through customs from the local city. Following the entry of the postal mail business opened, Yiwu en...
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Information Technology Corp decided to settle down Yiwu

27 Jun 16 - 21:19

Wu Ke-Innovation Zone along with Hangzhou control off of Information Technology Co. cohesiveness signing ceremony happened at the Technology Recreation area, Branch Innovation Region, deputy director INVOLVING SPORT, Hangzhou command off Information Technology Company., Yiwu market co-founder of complexes representing both sides from the agreement book placing your signature to, which represents the initial "new Zhejiang Scientific research and Technology" firm, formally settled Wu Ke Chong A...
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2016 AliExpress booster Lynx reseller was held city

26 Jun 16 - 20:51

Not long ago, the 2016 AliExpress booster Lynx reseller sea was held inside city. Assemblies by Yiwu Municipal Peoples' Government and Alibaba (China) Network Engineering Co., Ltd. tidy electricity providers complete, Alibaba Group AliExpress business, Alibaba Set Lynx Division building contractors, to "brand water, the preferred platform "as the theme, Yiwu City enticed a province (except Hangzhou) over 600 days cat focussed businesses to engage. The General Assembly along with the establish...
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Yiwu City Fabric Equipment Factory bankruptcy proceeding

22 Jun 16 - 02:19

Yiwu Textile Equipment Plant is located at 30 Dover Road, thickening, the predecessor from the toothbrush scrubbing comb dense urban cooperatives, playing shuttle equipment production in 1964, was renamed throughout 1969 in Yiwu County textile tools plant. 1977 ended up being listed as one of the thirteen designated manufacturers darkish wire Ministry involving Textile Industry, 85, there are brown cable production lines connected with 42 sets associated with special equipment, the principle ...
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Yiwu apparent, policy-makers in policy-making organ process

15 Jun 16 - 01:28

Yiwu stressed the need to admiration in accordance with the market competitors priority, based on a world, balanced, scientific preparation, step by step, according to the law assessment, and strengthen administration principle, the business and implementation involving fair competition censorship, regulate the behavior from the relevant government, quicken the construction of a one, open, competitive in addition to orderly market process. Policymaking organs inside policy making process, sen...
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Yiwu Market difference of urban territory use tax comfort

14 Jun 16 - 03:49

Typically the newly revised business enterprises comprehensive assessment of yield advantage approach, focusing on typically the evaluation and weighting, corporate score working out, sorting method, and so on have been adjusted, and then try to build reasonably indicate the objective reality, often the scientific measure of company efficiency Evaluation Technique. Meanwhile, after the setup of policies differentiated performance evaluation also generally be revised to improve, specifically w...
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Yiwu later acquired the State Technological Advent Award

14 Jun 16 - 00:13

Dealing with this issue, Zhang Guojun told reporters communicate of such a matter: before 2013, Huazhong University of Scientific disciplines and Technology analysis team took often the lead in Cina to develop a complete intelligent packaging production distinctive line of high technology symptoms, however , when the Commence will this uncovering technology when shown a refrigeration Zhongshan enterprise applications, considering that the stability of the development line is too minimal, the ...
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Yiwu City leaders Chenxiao Zhong WANG attend the appointment

12 Jun 16 - 22:12

This morning, the city held G20 summit in work protection meeting to analyze the latest situation and complications of safety with production, the full deployment of the next level of work safe practices. Yiwu City leaders Chenxiao Zhong, WANG Xin-feng attend the appointment.

The meeting complained, this year from Economy is shown to May, metropolis comprehensively strengthen manufacturing safety work, the effort has made positive advance, but the current development safety situation is gr...
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Yiwu Practices officers from Southern region Korea sent

12 Jun 16 - 21:25

Recently, with the Yiwu Practices officers from Southern region Korea sent the initial international mail ballots completed unpacking evaluation procedures, Yiwu intercontinental mail exchange places of work officially started entrance Mail regulatory organization, all inbound along with outbound messages intended for local through traditions. Yiwu Futian Market became soon after Hangzhou, Wenzhou, typically the province's third conclusion inbound and telephone e-mail through persuits of the ...
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Yiwu City Police Open fire Brigade Literary hand in Yiwu

06 Jun 16 - 03:26

Could 10 afternoon, Yiwu City Police Open fire Brigade Literary Federation organized hand in Yiwu Calligraphers Association, often the Artists Association, paper-cut association, in the camp out launched a "welcome initially anniversary of detachment" painting paper lowering Yongjun creative exercises. Yiwu from in excess of 20 local designers, calligraphers, paper chopping master gathered, or maybe ink brush, as well as skilled paper-cut, as being the soldiers brought a new rich, fresh and s...
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