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Yiwu never dissipated childhood reminiscences

06 Jun 16 - 02:11

Day, traditions consciously woke up inner consciousness involving ordinary people, they would within the wild wormwood, espectro water stream beginning inserted in the gates, windows and gateway wafting bamboo simply leaves a trace connected with faint fragrance. Individuals put a year associated with joy and desire entrusted to this celebration, after this day, many of us have busy started out in farm career fields in.

In 278 BC, dating back close to 2, 300 decades, the old man would like...
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Yiwu Market Development Team the relevant person in control

05 Jun 16 - 23:03

06 1 8 evening, the new road packed vegetable market, veggie field area, deli, meat Divisional crystal clear, dry and thoroughly clean. Within each marketplace also hoisted symptoms stalls area, consumers can quickly find the product you want to buy unit area, greatly assist in the people shopping. "The new road marketplaces has changed so much, prior to to buy food tend to be reluctant the multi-standby a minute, now not just clean, but also appears atmosphere, Yiwu Map better than the actua...
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Yiwu train hub project seemed to be included in the Yangtze

05 Jun 16 - 21:58

Yiwu is included in this "Super Plan", Yiwu train hub project seemed to be included in the Yangtze Waterway Delta regional method of travel infrastructure focused know-how, Yiwu Airport planning clearly reported, "the strong help support of national ecommerce model city of Yiwu construction. "

Yangtze River Delta metropolis group composed of 28 cities, with Shanghai in china as the core, the blueprint includes nine cities and districts with Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang, Anhui each nine munic...
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Yiwu has always been the soul of reform and also innovation

03 Jun 16 - 04:19

Yiwu has always been the soul of reform and also innovation, further attempts to reform contemporary in the field of homeland, continually sum up experience to learn good practices for that country to make a display lead. To promote typically the orderly reunification associated with real estate registration, close to four to achieve entrave, operational coordination, data sharing and other goals, and strengthen facts platform construction; set service to the people doorstep realize it is reg...
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Acceptance Group indicated deepening create eco-friendly

01 Jun 16 - 01:56

Eco-friendly School evaluation as well as acceptance group City and county Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Schooling coalition, to create a college to take on-site home inspections, data access, revealing and on-site watching PPT show testimonials manner on-site assessment and acceptance, completely affirmed the statement of each school to produce green school work in to the practice of training science, Yiwu Market especially in Yiwu, Zhejiang Normal College affiliated primary...
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Consumers understand the purchaser confidence

01 Jun 16 - 01:05

Fukuda market supervision by staff immediately to get started mediation. Mediation, someone in charge of the motel, free toiletries inside table below experience drawer, placed on often the table face toiletries should be charged, previously a price tag, nevertheless it is placed toward the medial, and not conspicuous. The industry surveillance staff noticed that under the customary areas and other services, rates the room must have punctual, and should be positioned in a conspicuous position...
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Yiwu brand name product sales in the vast majority

31 May 16 - 22:33

Current care and elegance appliance industry in general good sales possible. Plastic comb, plastic material mirror inexpensive, powerful demand; metal reflection, wood mirror complicated work, take the primary export Japan, Korea and Africa, Yiwu Market product sales of stable; lips brush, eyeliner, beauty pencils, eyelash curler, puff and other make-up appliance products the actual export market is getting improved; razor blades, throw away razors and other in a number of shaving products ma...
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Inspection group believed our Yiwu city

27 May 16 - 02:07

May possibly 24, Guardian comarcal Planning Commission mouthpiece director Xu Runlong led provincial Loyal Sanitation "four infestations homes clean, risk-free and healthy safety summit" Working evaluation teams to the legal supervision. Deputy primary market, Wang Ying, director of Metropolis Patriotic Health Advertising campaign Committee, accompanied by check up.

Inspection group believed our city, "four pests cleaning residences, health insurance security summit" work report, typically...
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The far east ranked the best state in the electricity

27 May 16 - 00:44

Might 25 to twenty six, the third China Shandong Shouguang county web summit held Ali Research Institute launched the "2015 Tiongkok E-commerce Report county" 2015 China Web and best region list. Following the 2013, 2014, Yiwu Market continuous electrical power supplier PARKnSHOP Region, China ranked best, Yiwu, once again received the first prize, "three-peat. "

2015 The far east ranked the best state in the electricity provider list second as well as third place correspondingly Yongkang ...
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continues of electronic small business development

26 May 16 - 22:38

Exploration, Chen and his gathering inspected the new Foreign Trade City Section and five Center Museum of brought in goods, purchase Yiwu, Liu Qingyan commune, international mail change offices, in-depth idea of market restructuring along with development, trade podium construction and so on. Inside Museum of brought in goods, Chen a different way to go, way to find, the way to ask on occasion into the shops inside of view product, consult the price and gross sales. In his view, keep promote...
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