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2016 AliExpress booster Lynx reseller was held city

26 Jun 16 - 20:51

Not long ago, the 2016 AliExpress booster Lynx reseller sea was held inside city. Assemblies by Yiwu Municipal Peoples' Government and Alibaba (China) Network Engineering Co., Ltd. tidy electricity providers complete, Alibaba Group AliExpress business, Alibaba Set Lynx Division building contractors, to "brand water, the preferred platform "as the theme, Yiwu City enticed a province (except Hangzhou) over 600 days cat focussed businesses to engage. The General Assembly along with the establishment of sector through keynote messages at the venue with the way for the site dealers to explain the prospects and challenges of name sea, small suppliers resolve to in a different country markets with the ailments, help the rapid grow of Yiwu energy supplier.

Conference, Alibaba AliExpress general administrator Shen Di Admirer, AliExpress fashion marketplace veteran Hu Rong and Yiwu HuangYuan Market other industry movers were made "Made with China: Brand coastal Opportunities and Challenges", "AliExpress booster Caracal merchant sea "theme speech.

It is grasped that, as the nation's network operators Yiwu gathering center, center of a global network marketing things and cross-border internet Heights, e-commerce not too long ago, trade turnover had any idea 151. 1 tera- yuan. Among them, the number of cross-border transactions 50.99. 2 billion yuan, an increase of 34%. Logistics and communicate the rapid progress the domestic exhibit shipments reached one 9 million regular average, daily normal 600, 000 cross-border express delivery. Multilevel operators cluster outcome highlights, the city's electricity supplier in a number of platforms of two hundred fifity, 000 accounts, local network operators graded first density, occurrence foreign network agents ranking second. Notable progress in making the park, several units to obtain "national character, " it, Yiwu Market was named often the network's service place national e-commerce test bases, Yiwu invest in, Ji Mao-Electronic Technological know-how company was accorded the Ministry connected with Commerce 2015-2016 ecommerce business model.

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