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Yiwu City leaders Chenxiao Zhong WANG attend the appointment

12 Jun 16 - 22:12

This morning, the city held G20 summit in work protection meeting to analyze the latest situation and complications of safety with production, the full deployment of the next level of work safe practices. Yiwu City leaders Chenxiao Zhong, WANG Xin-feng attend the appointment.

The meeting complained, this year from Economy is shown to May, metropolis comprehensively strengthen manufacturing safety work, the effort has made positive advance, but the current development safety situation is grim. All specific units on the basis of exercises carried out good "potential hazards, make up the quick board, summit safety, Yiwu Market and promote development", and focus on carrying it out rectification of unsafe chemicals, fireworks remediation, "three places a couple enterprises" (spraying, relating dust, limited living space place, involving xenon, metallurgical enterprises) modification work. At the getting together with, after the residential pavement, the Soviet Institute Town, crowded urban center streets, the town lounge were work security to share their practical experience and exchange.

Often the meeting stressed, G20 summit approaching, perform safety can not be terminated. The relevant units ought to recognize the situation, correctly strengthen work basic safety responsibility and haste; Yiwu Wholesale Market to strengthen measures to enhance the safety production job continued in depth; to help implement the responsibility to a strong job safety measures mechanisms. The assembly called for action-oriented, diligence first, check limited board, make up the small board, relentless tension of the accident, to counteract sticking, spare not any efforts in this year's production safety do the job, especially work protection during the G20 peak, to create a good setting for production safe practices escort G20 security and safety Summit held well.

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