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Yiwu City Police Open fire Brigade Literary hand in Yiwu

06 Jun 16 - 03:26

Could 10 afternoon, Yiwu City Police Open fire Brigade Literary Federation organized hand in Yiwu Calligraphers Association, often the Artists Association, paper-cut association, in the camp out launched a "welcome initially anniversary of detachment" painting paper lowering Yongjun creative exercises. Yiwu from in excess of 20 local designers, calligraphers, paper chopping master gathered, or maybe ink brush, as well as skilled paper-cut, as being the soldiers brought a new rich, fresh and stylish, strong infection societal feast, with painting like a pro, paper-cut passed affiliate marketer cherishes the people help support the army's armed service and civilian in close proximity as fish.

Affair, president of the Connections of Yiwu Zhu Xinqi paper-cut the item with members properly created "Listen grand uncle tell the story with the fire", "Qi recruitment", "Yiwu Soldier involving Resistance Against Japan" theme series of paper-cut works sent to the actual hands of the impartiality of officers along with men, Yiwu Futian Market and in area with superb capabilities cut a stunning paper-cut works. Often the officers and adult males also take this opportunity pick up the scissors, paper cutting expert who followed the particular creation of finding out.

At the same time, Yiwu Urban center Calligraphers Association, typically the Artists Association connected with calligraphy and art work are not only common sense to spell out the scene calligraphy, painting technique, inspiring experience, Yiwu Hotels but also often the scene painting, producing, Dan, show the electrician smooth, lifelike aesthetic charm, the troopers sent the word dazzling, lyrical to get spiritual nourishment, by means of all officers in addition to men of a comfy welcome.

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