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Yiwu Customs officials from South Korea sent the first worldwide

27 Jun 16 - 22:08

Along with Yiwu Customs officials from South Korea sent the first worldwide mail votes finished unpacking inspection methods, Yiwu International Trade City email exchange offices formally started entry Email regulatory business, almost all inbound and telephone messages for nearby through customs. Yiwu became after Hangzhou, Wenzhou, the province's third realization incoming and outbound email through customs from the local city. Following the entry of the postal mail business opened, Yiwu entry message will not have to detour Hangzhou customs clearance treatments, the message could be transferred directly from Hangzhou to Yiwu traditions clearance procedures, therefore eliminating the office employee, Hangzhou, Yiwu problems in two locations, time costs, logistics costs can be considerably reduced.

Area panel in order to ensure the actual effective operation of every area committee additionally establish and enhance the area committee normal meeting, learning as well as training, labor argument mediation, information revealing, trade union cartouche on duty and other techniques to ensure staff action was management,Yiwu Market personnel something was dealt with workers Some people experience difficulty relief; the organization of information exchange Region, the fusion associated with activity and reference sharing mechanism, the utilization Area resident corporations, the backbone in the enterprise resource benefits in order to make an appointment along with union card, a normal appointment, brush encounter appointments etc ., to offer the enterprise resource spreading.

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