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Yiwu later acquired the State Technological Advent Award

14 Jun 16 - 00:13

Dealing with this issue, Zhang Guojun told reporters communicate of such a matter: before 2013, Huazhong University of Scientific disciplines and Technology analysis team took often the lead in Cina to develop a complete intelligent packaging production distinctive line of high technology symptoms, however , when the Commence will this uncovering technology when shown a refrigeration Zhongshan enterprise applications, considering that the stability of the development line is too minimal, the failure charge is too high,Yiwu Market function less than five a few minutes will stop a appliance, on-site inspection can become "technology memorial provider. " Finally, sow more than 40 study Institutes myself, enable the technology have root in establishments have settled decrease. Because this project drastically reduce the manufacturing fee radio frequency detection card and later acquired the State Technological Advent Award.

"A great deal of scientific research triumphs into place sustained 'Waterloo', is too sought the technology along with market this 'mismatch' made of a body. " Zhang Guojun said, "We should also research Yiwu Christmas Market the beginning of the institution direct cash, even so a practice learned that this 'mismatch' pinching not to go, it should have a new second time beginners R & Deborah institutions 'third skin' this or that 'glue' to try to do. "in actuality, the Zhang Guojun view is the agreement of the scientific in addition to technological research podium and local authorities provide people. It crumbled the new R along with D institutions "mismatch" chronic illness, and as a consequence popular.

Earlier the 2010 season, has just appointed crown of the Guangdong Company of Xi'an Jiaotong University, said Zou Jianhua, as a science tecnistions, which took company just a few months include completely changed all their values, "universities, exploration institutions and the sector can not be rigid docking, First, companies don't realize our system of colleges as well as universities, Yiwu City colleges and universities don't understand the business operation connected with ideas, and secondly short-term strengths and also advantages of technological innovation along with industrial application is absolutely not the most urgent small business colleges where the inertia of the traditional process has seriously restricted the scientific in addition to technical personnel thing, with its great work to squeeze the 2 main together, it is better allow emerging research corporations play a role. "

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