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Enterprisinggo-getting, gumptious, pioneering, up-and-coming gene Yiwu town, early in the "feather-for-sugar" period would have surfaced. Along with the "public company, the highly innovative" the horn seemed, entrepreneurial innovation and keenness Yiwu "Yiwu brand new people" who re-ignited the Yiwu market for the initial driving force of Yiwu, setting off a new circular of venture, the passenger wind, general public a platform within large numbers.

At the same time, a number of business support plans Qingnangerchu Yiwu, is actually "public entrepreneurship, the actual highly innovative" and additional create a strong environment. August this year, the particular municipal government kept a plenary program made it clear, in order to adapt to the times, perform to the market benefits, Yiwu Futian Market encourage "grassroots" development, to build the city right into a huge public an area, entrepreneurial garage.

Round the "a" word area platforms, Yiwu continuously looking for new possibilities outside the traditional financial development, to create "public entrepreneurship, the extremely innovative" and "new engine. " Endeavor sail again gather, more and more young people filled with passion, holding the concept came to Yiwu City, gently brush in the tiny channel circle associated with friends, suddenly found that many of my friends are likely to start a business. "In Yiwu, 10 individuals may have seventy-eight running a business, even express small brother are in the enterprise Taobao shop. inch And this is not only an item.
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